2695 - here it is -
  • Why was the coach male?
  • How do you think different generations or groups would react to the symbol on their sweaters?
  • Why was this team able to use the symbol on their jerseys?
  • How did this hockey team come to be?
  • Can you imagine the name of the hockey team?
  • Can you predict what these women would wear for their everyday clothing?
  • Why are there only eight players in the photo?
  • How are their jerseys different from today’s jerseys?
  • What do you know about the women’s lives based on this photo?
  • Why is one hockey stick bigger than the others?
  • What does the symbol on the jerseys mean?
  • Where does the symbol on the jerseys come from?
  • What sport do they play?
  • What kind of clothing are the women wearing?
  • Why are the women all relatively young?
  • Who is the goalie in this image?
  • Who is the gentleman in the image?
  • What is the symbol on their jerseys?