1416 - here it is -
  • How is this photograph significant to the history of Alberta and the Prairie Provinces?
  • What role did grain elevators play in community life?
  • Why did the agriculture industry move from this style of grain elevator to the commercial size of grain elevators?
  • What might the grain elevator say about its future?
  • What might the grain elevator say about its past?
  • Suppose all the elevators are removed from the prairie. How would this effect farming operations?
  • What will the role of grain elevators be in the future of farming?
  • Why are grain elevators often found in rural areas?
  • What do you know about rural life based on this photo?
  • How are elevators and train routes related?
  • How would you describe this photograph to others?
  • How have grain elevators affected the development of farming?
  • What would happen to the farming industry if grain elevators disappeared?
  • Why are these buildings called grain elevators?
  • What is happening in this image?
  • What is the function of a grain elevator?
  • What is the purpose of the truck in the picture?
  • When was this image taken?
  • Where was this photograph taken?
  • What is this building called?