1305 - here it is -
  • How effective are international aid programs in reaching individuals in need?
  • Should countries have to agree to established conditions before food is sent?
  • How would an individual justify not contributing to international food aid efforts?
  • What would happen if there were no aid policies in place?
  • How is food relief different within North America?
  • How does world food security impact the average Canadian?
  • How has ‘thinking globally’ affected Canadians?
  • What do we know about the country’s conditions based upon this photo?
  • How do agriculture policies of countries affect their food security?
  • Why do some countries provide more support than others to nations in need?
  • What caption would you write for this photograph?
  • What emergency situations would require international food aid?
  • What are other countries doing to help people experiencing food shortages?
  • Describe how the sacks are going to be used?
  • How is food distributed on an international level?
  • Why is she being given a sack of food?
  • Who is in the image?
  • Where was this picture taken?
  • When was this picture taken?