1275 - here it is -
  • Why are telecommunication companies removing payphones?
  • Are payphones obsolete?
  • Why should telecommunication companies continue to install and maintain public payphones?
  • What would an older generation say about payphones?
  • What would today‚Äôs youth say about payphones?
  • Can you predict the future of public payphones and coins?
  • Why did telecommunication companies install public payphones?
  • What can you learn about society by analysing this image?
  • Why are telecommunications companies removing public payphones?
  • What would happen if payphones disappeared?
  • What are the effects of disappearing payphones on telecommunications companies?
  • How have payphones been modified from traditional home phones?
  • How is this device connected to the telecommunications infrastructure?
  • Where might payphones be located?
  • How does the payphone work?
  • What is it?
  • What does this device do?
  • When was this picture taken?