1240 - here it is -
  • Comparing this image with photographs of aboriginals of the past, how are their lives similar or different?
  • Does this image capture the ceremonial or traditional attire of this culture?
  • Can you defend the importance of maintaining culture through performance?
  • If this event were happening in the past, what would be different?
  • What might this dancer say about the dance in an interview?
  • What is the significance of this dance?
  • How is dancing related to the aboriginal culture?
  • How is ceremonial attire related to the aboriginal culture?
  • What do you know about aboriginal culture based on this photo?
  • Why is this individual dancing?
  • Why is he wearing ceremonial attire?
  • How would you describe this photograph to others?
  • Why are ceremonial dances performed at events?
  • What is happening in this image?
  • Where was this photograph taken?
  • When was this image taken?